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Rules and Policies

Absences & Tardies:
If your child is absent, please call the office and let us know why your child is out. 

If your child is tardy, please check in with the office and get a tardy slip.

If you pick up your child early from school, your child will be marked as an early out. 

If your child is absent or tardy, you will receive an automatic phone call. You will receive this phone call even if you have called us to let us know why your child is out. 


Bathroom Accidents

We understand that accidents happen.  When a child has a bathroom accident the office staff or the nurse will call you to let you know the situation.  For your child’s health and safety reasons, the office will not change or clean your child.  You or a designated adult must come to the nurse’s office to clean and or change your child’s clothing.  We will do our best to keep the child in a safe and clean environment.  Please let us know in advance if your child has any health concerns.  We will do our best to assist you.


Bus Transportation

Transportation is provided for students if they reside outside of a one mile radius of the school and within the Los Angeles Unified School District boundaries. Transportation is paid for by the Los Angeles Unified School District. Bus routes and stop times are sent to parents from the Transportation Branch the week before school begins in August. Bus stops are at various locations in neighborhoods such as LAUSD elementary schools. Routes are based on the address information provided during registration. If you are interested in changing location of bus pick-up or drop-off to a place other than your home address you need to contact the Transportation Branch.

LAUSD has a safe drop policy. Drivers do not leave students (up to second grade) at bus stops unless an adult is present to receive them.

Any change to a student's regular bus riding plan must be made in writing to the office.

If you have any problems with bus transportation for your child, please call the bus supervisor, Ms. Tunstall at (310) 826-4394.  If the problem is an emergency, call Dispatch at 1-800-LA-Buses (1-800-522-8737).  You will need to provide them with your child's bus route number.


Cell Phones

Students may use cell phones before school and after school. They must be turned off and in their backpack during the school day. If they use their phone during the school day, it will be taken away and you will need to come and pick it up. The school will not investigate lost, stolen or broken phones. 


Dangerous Items

Hazardous items (glue, paint, sharp scissors, laser pointers etc.) remain at home.  The above items will be taken away and NOT RETURNED unless a parent speaks with the teacher or administrator.  Any student who brings a weapon to school, including a gun, knife, or replica will be suspended from school and expulsion will be considered.  Threats are taken seriously and could result in suspension.  Other reasons for suspension include: causing physical injury, damaging school property, and habitual profanity.  Students need to take responsibility for their actions.


Dress Code

Students are expected to be in dress code everyday unless otherwise specified. The dress code is navy blue bottoms and either navy or powder blue tops. Your child may also wear any of the Brentwood T-shirts.   Shoes may be any color. No sandals or open-toed shoes allowed.

Electronic Devices - Game Boys, DS, iPads, Tablets, etc.
They are not allowed on campus. The school will not investigate if they are lost, stolen or broken.


Emergency Cards
Every child must have a emergency card on file at school. It must have up to date phone numbers with people who can come and pick up your child if you are unavailable. 

It is important that you update any phone numbers or address changes. This is especially important when it comes to who we can release your child to in the case of an emergency such as earthquake, etc. 

Click here to fill out a new emergency card online. You can type on it and print it and send it in with your child. If you have a change of address, please submit a new proof of address (such as DWP or gas bill). If you have any questions, please call the office. 310-846-5631 


Forgotten Items
If your child forgot something at home (lunch money, homework, etc.) bring it to the office and we will have it delivered to the classroom. Never go directly to the classroom. 

Items will be delivered before recess. We do not disturb the classrooms during the first two hours of class. Lost and Found is located at the entrance between the two main buildings and is cleaned out monthly. Label your child’s items. 


Health Office

Medication at School*
A student who needs to take medication during school hours must have the following:
1. A doctor’s note  and written permission from the parent/guardian before medication is taken (forms available in Office)
2. ALL medications must be in original containers (to be left at school)
3. Only adults may carry medications to school

* Aspirins, Tylenol, inhalers for Asthma, cough drops, ointments, antacids (Tums, Rolaids), etc. are considered medication and may not be taken at school without a doctor's note.

Returning to School After Illness or Injury

A student returning to school with bandages, ace bandages, stitches, splints, casts, crutches, leg brace(s), a wheelchair, etc. must:

1. Have a doctor’s note before returning to school stating: 

  • date student may return
  • restrictions
  • date restrictions are released
  • comply with any safety procedures required by the school administration and Health Services personnel

2. Sit out during play time
A student must have a doctor’s note when returning to school following:

  • a serious or prolonged illness (5 or more school days)
  • an injury
  • surgery
  • other hospitalization
  • conjunctivitis (pink eye)
  • strep throat


If Your Child Gets Sick at School 

It’s a must that we have up-to-date emergency information on file including the names and phone numbers of people who can drive to pick up your child when you are unavailable.

If your child becomes ill or injured at school, he/she will need to be picked up promptly (within the hour).

If your child is sent home with a fever vomiting or diarrhea, OR is complaining of a fever, sore throat, bad cough, pink eye, stomach ache, etc., please keep him/her at home with plenty of bed rest.

We have a School Nurse only two days each week.  Office personnel do not have special medical training and are restricted to administering minor first aid.  They can not give treatment, diagnose or make decisions regarding illnesses, contagious diseases, medications or possible sprains/fractures.  Please do not ask them to do this.

We would appreciate your cooperation in helping us by following these simple procedures.



You will be receiving information either by flyers, emails, text, social media and via our website.   We are constantly updating our website with current information so check it often.  Please listen to the phone message before calling the school. Please be sure to have current phone numbers and email addresses on file. 



The office does not open until 7:30AM. No students may be dropped off before that time.  Leaving students at the front door is unsafe because students aren't supervised.  Supervision for students starts at 7:30AM. 

The Office closes at 4:30. The Office is limited on space, busy and the staff cannot watch students after school. 


Phone Calls
We do not call children out of class to the phone. If you need to get a message to your child, leave a message and we will have it delivered to the classroom. 



Picking Students Up Early

If you need to pick your child up before the end of school, send a note to the teacher so they can have them packed up and ready when you come. Give yourself enough time to come to the office and fill out the sign out sheet and for us to call the classroom. We do not have children waiting in the office for you to come.