STEAM » Science


At BSM, students do hands-on science in their classrooms, as well as in our three science labs - Earth Science, Physical Science, and Life Science.


Once a week, students become geologists, astronomers, meteorologists, and volcanologists during their Earth Science Lab rotation. Students experience hands-on science and engineering experiments and have fun discovering something new each week about our Earth! During this time, they learn three overarching concepts: Earth’s Systems, Earth and Human Activity, and Earth’s Place in the Universe. They also collaborate their discoveries through MysteryScience, a paid program at our school. Earth Science Lab is aligned with NGSS Science and Engineering practices according to each grade level.


Students are introduced to the basic laws of mechanics, energy and motion through hands-on engaging science experiments. Students learn to hypothesize, design experiments, observe, measure and develop critical thinking skills. The students use springs, balloons, rubber bands, toy cars, rockets, levers, scales, airplanes, boats, catapults, and small nuclear reactors in their experiments to prove their hypotheses.


During their quarter in Life Science, students study plants, animals, insects, living systems, and environments according to applicable grade level standards. Students attend our life science lab 1 day per week for 1 hour and 20 minutes at a time. Each lab session has a hands-on component ranging from growing plants, constructing beetle runways, observing crayfish, to conducting yeast experiments.